WordPress Training Singapore- Providing Best Email Marketing Training Course in Singapore


Email Marketing is amongst one of the most rewarding marketing practices a corporation can make use of as a means of advertising. Not only is it beneficial to ROI, business owners also do not have to face the strain of adapting to ever changing algorithms like social media marketing requires. If you are looking to understand and implement email marketing, it is highly recommended that you sign up for an email marketing training course!

Here at WordPress Training Singapore, we are offering a single day MailChimp Email marketing course for interested participants! To support the growth of local SMEs, aspiring startups and other corporations, our email marketing training course is priced affordably at $198. In addition, eligible corporations can also receive further expenditure reduction since the training course is PIC claimable as well as SkillsFuture approved. This ensures that you receive good quality training from certified professionals without having to strain limited budgets.

WordPress Training Singapore offers email marketing training course to ensures that interested participants will be guided through a step by step procedure of setting up a free MailChimp account- a DIY email marketing platform optimised for efficient email marketing processes. Participants will benefit through hands on practices in building or importing their own subscriber lists, applying effective use with email templates, creating their own email campaigns, setting up functional email automations, connecting with social sharing, inserting signup forms and more!

Guidance will also be provided in the analysis of MailChimp reports, where participants will be advised on what data they can track and use for further business planning. Additional tips on how to improve click/open rates and encourage useful feedback will also be offered by experts. Upon completion, participants will receive certification issued by the training professional.

Sign up for our MailChimp email marketing training course in Singapore today and learn to successfully use email marketing for your business practices!

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