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Learn How to Install WordPress Theme By Joining WordPress Training Course?

Install WordPress Theme By Joining WordPress Training Course

When it comes to creating websites online, one of the most popular CMS platforms that individuals tend to opt for would be WordPress. With it’s user friendly features and dedicated team of developers, it is not hard to see why one would be encouraged to make use of it. However, there are certain steps one must undertake in order to fully make use of WordPress as their website. If you are a beginner to WordPress, it can pose as quite a challenge to go through with the installation as well as getting acquainted with all of it’s features. This is why it is highly recommended for beginners to gain guidance from wordpress professionals by signing up for a wordpress training course. Here at WordPress Training Singapore, we are highly committed to teaching beginners the basics of WordPress.

Our training courses are divided and specially designed to cater to the learning levels of our participants, which ensures that they are able to fully benefit from signing up, instead of having to sit through topics they already know. As of the moment, our best wordpress training courses are available in basic and advanced level courses.

When participants sign up for our best wordpress training basic courses, they will be guided through the start of installation to the navigation of the features present in the wordpress platform. They will also be able to learn to install and activate wordpress themes to add further customisation to their wordpress website. Our experts are also fully equipped with the necessary expertise to advise and guide participants through different theme customisation options, as well as how to make the necessary adjustments to their theme and content so that they can best benefit from search engine results.

Course participants will also be given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with different techniques through a series of hands on practise so that they will be able to perform the same functions after finishing the wordpress course.

For more information on what the basic wordpress training courses cover and other related enquiries, please feel free to approach our friendly online staff!

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Benefits of WordPress for E-commerce Undertakings

The development of the technology makes that the web development is not a mystical knowledge for all of those who would like to prepare a professional website. Growing popularity and number of online stores in recent years means that more and more entrepreneurs are interested in the creation of their own Internet profile.

You do not need to know all coding languages and scripts. It is enough to choose a functional open source enabling both the development and design. If you are looking for the e-commerce solution which will help you to build your credibility and maintain a profitable relationship with the customers and partners, select WordPress Training Videos. This free platform remains incredible practical tool for small and medium companies thanks to following features:

1. Special plugins like, for instance, WP e-Commerce or WooCommerce are free or relatively cheap. Having an access to these elements you can pay attention to the customization of the site. Some of them provide the user with more sophisticated options such as follow-up emails, customer reviews or inventory charts.

2. Numerous themes allow the web designers to customize the profile. These tools make the navigation smoother. What is more, you are able to change, among other things, the fonts with ease. This solution enables the preparation of updated, compelling and unique site.

3. Easy interface gives you an opportunity of comfortable and effortless modification of the themes. However, sometimes you do not need to change these elements, because a simple edition of the content meets the expectation of the user.

4. Uncomplicated database integration requires only a creation of the graphic and attributes. This part of the site has a crucial meaning for the way of the product presentation.

The role played by WordPress in doing business grows. The platform remains a leading solution especially for the owners of small companies. Select a right tutorial to get more information about its features facilitating E-commerce website building.

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The capabilities of WordPress are unknown to you? Choose WordPress training in Singapore

You do not need to become a Web Developer, Web Programmer, or Website Designer to learn how to manage and build your own Web Presence. All you need to do is: Learn how to use WordPress! Statistics relate a good story: Over 60 million people have chosen WordPress to power up their web.

SIGN UP for our training:-

By attending our sessions, you will be able to acquire the proper skills and flaunt your own websites to your clients. Very leniently, no installation software (we provide it) is needed as well as it is not necessary to have a strong IT background. Simple basic skills will be taught which will allow you to have a full integration in it. Another opportunity we are providing is to gain knowledge of the different features of web design. In addition to all that, all our trainings are conducted in an excellent class with all the facilities like, internet, projectors, pantry services etc.

This course shows you how to:-

  • Install WordPress
  • Set up and configure WordPress
  • Customize WordPress
  • Promote and Monetize WordPress
  • Maintain and Manage WordPress


Request Pricing & Registration Information:-

For information regarding the price, registration and training options, kindly call on 61006603 for a consultation or kindly email us we shall reply you within 24 hours.

Looking forward to hear from you!

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